About Self-Healing with Mandalas

Mandala Healing uses sacred symbols for spiritual and emotional healing. The workshops offer an opportunity for spiritual and emotional healing based on Dr. Judith Cornell’s original Mandala process using subtle life-force energies, self-help, and holistic healing techniques for individual transformation and realization of one’s true Self.

Dr. Yogita Wengatz studied with Dr. Judith Cornell, who is the award-winning author and a pioneer in this country on the subject of creating Mandalas for the purpose of self-healing.

The practice of creating Mandalas as a sacred art and spiritual science of consciousness originated many thousand years ago in India. However, we can find Mandala like sacred structures in many mystical and sacred traditions of many ages and people, like the sacred sand paintings crafted by Buddhist monks, the round Rosetta-formed colored windows in Christian cathedrals, Native American Medicine Wheels, to name a few.

Since spiritual healing is facilitated through the return of one’s awareness to the inner light and to the higher power within the center of one’s being, one of the first steps in this process of Mandala creation is to bring one’s awareness back to the center during meditation.

Before this process starts, participants are introduced to the pure technical aspect of using a white pencil and later colored pencils on black paper to help bringing out that inner light onto paper. All materials are provided. No art education or artistic talent is required.

The next step involves creating a sacred space and participants are asked to bring objects or pictures that are sacred to them to be placed in the middle of the circle.

The following step involves discovering one’s healing intentions. After a period of meditation follows a period of drawing which brings the inner light out onto paper.

Once the inner light can be mirrored, the radiant self can be expressed also in beautiful colors. From here the program can take on different kinds of focus points for healing intentions and modalities. Since light and color are a form of vibration other vibrational energies, such as sound, can be added to enhance the healing effect.

Mandala Workshops:

Download Nob Hill flyer

Download Mandala Workshop Flyer at UNM Center For Life

Workshops offered or in planning* at “UNM Center for Life”:

  • Workshop 1: Mandala for Self-Healing – An Introduction *
  • Workshop 2: Gifting those in need *
  • Workshop 3: “Healing Nature”
  • Workshop 4: “Healing Hands”
  • Workshop 5: Mandala – Healing your relationships (1) – loving yourself/Self
  • Workshop 6: Mandala – Healing your relationships (2) – with those closest to us
  • Workshop 7: Mandala – Healing your relationships (3) – with your community / environment
  • Workshop 8: Mandala – Creating Abundance.

* Workshop Series: Support for people dealing with cancer (patients, relatives, friends, caregivers, etc.) Six 2-hour evenings over a period of 6 weeks.

Private Sessions also available.